• What is MrLista.com?

    MrLista is a web app for creating and sharing gift and wish lists. You can take items from absolutely any online shop and at the click of a button add them to a ‘lista’ which can either be used as a private wish list, a public wish list, or be sent to family and friends as a gift list for any special occasion (birthdays, Christmas, weddings, baby showers etc).

    The site is also home to a regularly updated selection of featured listas which have been compiled and written by our contributors.

  • My special occasion isn’t listed as one of the gift lista options - why not?

    We researched the special occasions and holidays for which it is customary to give and receive gifts, and have listed the ones that appeared to be the most popular in the UK. We also added an option for ‘other’ (plus list customisation options) so that MrLista is suitable for any and all occasions. However, if you feel like your occasion or holiday should be represented in the list, just let us know!

  • Will anyone other than the people I share it with be able to see my gift lista?

    Nope! It is for their eyes only - the link they will receive in the email has a special access token so that only they can use it.

  • Will I be able to see what people have purchased from my gift lista?

    Nooo, that would spoil the surprise! The idea of a gift lista is to give your friends and family, who would otherwise be agonising over what to buy for you, a clear idea of what you would like. The fun part is still in not knowing what you will get, or from whom. It's like being a kid again!

  • What’s the difference between a private wish lista and a public wish lista?

    Every wish lista is private by default, since it’s for your own, personal use. That means only you can see it when you’re logged in to your MrLista account. But if you want to share it with the world (in the same way that our featured listas are public) you can do so by clicking the publish button in the wish lista editing dashboard. Once it’s public, your lista will have a unique URL that you can share on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else in this giant place we call the interwebs. If you change your mind and would like to make it private again, you can simply click the ‘make private’ button and it will be private again!

  • How much does it cost to use MrLista.com?

    It’s totally free!

  • How do you guys make money then, hmmm?

    MrLista is a participant in affiliate marketing programmes provided by Skimlinks and Amazon. This means that when someone purchases an item on a lista, we make a small percentage of that transaction. That’s how we can provide this service for free! But it has no bearing on what you can add to a lista, or the products you’ll find on our featured listas - we would never refuse to feature a product on the site if it is not from one of our affiliates.

  • What about privacy and cookies and all that bizness?

    You can find full details on all that over on our privacy policy page.

  • What’s a contributor?

    Our contributors are our cherished team of bloggers - they write and compile posts to be featured on MrLista, and receive a percentage of the affiliate revenue MrLista makes from those listas.

  • Can I become a contributor?

    SURE! Email hello@mrlista.com with some examples of your work and a link to any blogs your write for, and we shall talk.